Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ava Opens her First Christmas Present (a bit early!) - What FUN!

Yesterday, Ava's first Christmas present arrived in the mail.  It was beautifully wrapped in red metallic paper and a big, beautiful red bow!  How tempting for a 7 month old, especially one who has a thing for ribbons!

Since it's our first Christmas as parents, and we too are excited by the beautiful paper and big red bow on this package, we decided it wouldn't hurt to let the little bit open her package a bit early ;)

And as usual, we try to see how much Ava can do before we jump in for assistance.  We try to encourage her to explore and try things for herself (as long as it's safe!), so we waited to see how much she could unwrap on her own.  What fun she had, pulling at the ribbon, tugging at the paper, mouthing it a bit and tugging again.  This kept her occupied for a while, exploring, learning and figuring out there was something WAY COOLER on the inside!  Thanks to my cousin Kirsten, Ava has a new favorite toy!

 Oh my goodness!  Look what's inside!

She's been crawling with the flower in her hand!  Her favorite piece from her new toy!

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